Everything that you need to know about ETA License in India

ETA License

If you’re an importer of wireless products in India, you’re going to need the ETA license. The Department of Telecommunication issues this license to importers in the form of Equipment Type Approval. You’d need to take several steps to acquire this license and follow the exact terms and conditions.

The discussion about those terms and conditions will push you into a deep rabbit hole that will everything confusing for you. Thus, here is a one-pager document to tell you everything that you need to know about WPC Certificate or ETA License in India.

What is the reason behind issuing the WPC ETA Certificate?

Products coming from outside the country have to go through quality checks before they can be put on sale in India. The Wireless Planning Commission is responsible for doing the same for wireless products.

However, when it comes to wireless products, the only aspect the wireless planning commission is interested in is the frequency at which they work. There are three types of frequency bands on which the products are licensed:

  • Licensed bands: frequency bands that have been licensed to particular products
  • De licensed bands: Frequency bands that were once licensed to products, but have now been delicensed from them.
  • Unlicensed bands: Frequency bands that are accessible to anyone.

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WPC ETA License Certificate is issued for products that are working at de-licensed bands and licensed bands.

Who is eligible to obtain the WPC NOC Certificate in India?

Importers of wireless products that operate on delicensed or licensed frequency bands are required to obtain the WPC NOC Certificate (another name for WPC ETA certificate in India)

Who does not require to obtain the ETA License certificate in India?

It’s important to remember that ETA certificate in India is not for everyone.

  • If you’re an Indian manufacture who has producing wireless products in India, you don’t require the ETA license.
  • If you’re in importer who is importing wireless products that work on WPC approved frequency, you don’t need to obtain the license.

If you fall under the latter category – the importer – you still need to know whether or not your products work in the approved frequency spectrum. That’s you’d need to get ETA certificate through self-certification. It’s not a certificate; it’s merely the act of informing the Department that your product works at an approved frequency.

What is the process to get ETA certificate in India?

The procedure you need to implement to get the approval to import wireless products in India is as follows:

  • Conduct a ETA certificate check to see whether or not you require the license.
  • In case you do, go the official WPC website, create a WPC ETA login.
  • Get the product tested to check its operating radio frequency. You have to reach out to an independent NABL accredited lab for that purpose. 
  • File the application for equipment type approval
  • Submit the documents that are mentioned in the official ETA notification alongside the application
  • Submit the sample of the wireless product as well.
  • Wait for the Wireless Planning Commission to scrutinize all three things you’ve submitted: the application, the documents and the product
  • If the WPC accepts your application, it will grant you the ETA license.

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Note: To get a better understanding of the requirement for the ETA license, you should take a glance at the WPC Certificate format when you have the chance.

What are the documents that Wireless Planning Commission requires to process your application?

Following is the list of documents that you have to deliver to the WPC alongside the printout of the application form and the sample of the wireless product.

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Authorization letter authorizing an authorized Indian representative
  • RF test report of the product.
  • Technical specifications of the wireless product
  • Manual of the product
  • List of Raw materials used to create the product.


ETA License is only for importers of wireless products who are importing products that work on frequencies that are yet to be approved from the Wireless Planning Commission. The method of certification is online and the documents required are many. That’s why, to say that you will definitely need help to obtain this certificate would be an understatement. So, reach out to Registrationwala’s telecom experts for end-to-end certification services.

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