The Ultimate Coloured Contact Lenses Buying Guide

Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are all fun and games unless it is time to buy them. We all love shopping but coloured contact lens shopping, that’s a tough one. It’s a hard choice to make because, first of all, we can’t try out every single pair of the lens in the market. If you go shopping and have your heart and eyes on a top, you can simply try the restroom and decide whether it looks good on you or not. But if you have to buy coloured contact lenses, you can’t test and try. You have to purchase a pair and then wear them. Yes, a lot of risks is involved! The shading might look different in the catalogue and your eyes.

I have bought a pair of light grey lenses, but when I wore them, they were dark-rocky grey. I tell you, I was devastated. But that’s only because there was no one to tell me how to buy coloured contact lenses and what factors to consider before going on a contact lenses shopping spree. But you all need not worry because I’m giving you all a complete shopping guide and I bet you won’t make a wrong decision if you read the article properly.

Where to begin with?

Where to begin with is always a tricky question. Some of us get stuck here for life and never move on, whereas the smart ones hunt, find solutions and move on. They are precisely the people who rule the world. You might be thinking now, how can someone even rule the world if they know how to do contact lenses shopping right. It is the toughest of all shoppings and requires great insights, logical reasoning and decision making skills. Yep, let’s all make the decision making with some science, statistics and facts!

Coloured Contact Lenses

Why do you need coloured contact lenses?

Yes, so why exactly do you need them? Is it for your eyesight? If yes, don’t waste your time here because we aren’t talking about prescription lenses. We are all here for finding the right cosmetic coloured contact lenses for ourselves. Do you need coloured contact lenses so your eyes can pop out and look bigger or because you want to transform your eye shade completely? If you’re going to accentuate your eyes only, we recommend you buy contact lenses in the same shading as your natural shade. Suppose you have brown eyes; go with light/dark brown contact lenses or maximum hazel. It is best to find similar tones rather than a whole new colour when you want an enhancing touch.

But this rule doesn’t apply if you want to transform your eye colour altogether. You have to step out and explore things above your comfort zone and take some risk. But remember that it is not only risking the colour and your appearance but a considerable amount of money as well. If you buy lenses for 20$ and don’t like how you look in them, your 20$ are going to waste because neither are you risking your appearance nor going to risk their eye by wearing your used lenses. So, be smart and take the following minor yet essential things into account before purchasing coloured contact lenses.

What’s your Natural Eye Color?

Believe us or not, but every coloured contact lens will not work for you. At this point, you might feel like they are all the same and bound to do the same job, but that’s not how it goes. So your natural eye colour will play a huge role in determining how the final appearance will be like. If you have light eyes, there are 90% chances that Korean coloured contact lenses or fresh tone contact lenses will be the same. It is because they have a lighter shade and can better conceal your naturally light eyes. But if you have black or dark blue eyes, the colour will be slightly different. It will be a mixture of your natural eyeshade and the colour you see in the catalogue. I have dark brown eyes, and light grey lenses made my eyes look hazel! So, don’t let the catalogues fool you! Everything you see on a website or in-store won’t give you the same results unless you are very careful about your purchase.

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But don’t worry if you have dark eyes. You might have to test and try different shading to find your ideal match. But you’ll get there! You can buy 2-3 pairs every year or one every three months to make the best use of the lenses at a reasonable cost.

If you have dark eyes, you are still in luck because you can rock the spooky eyes! Bold white eyes, red eyes, green or blue, are all viable options for you! They will give you the same colour because that’s what happens in 95% of the cases. And again, if you have light eyes, you can wear the same spooky coloured contact lenses with shading accuracy of upto 98%. Now you know what coloured contact lenses should be your go-to choice if you want a different eye colour but not at significant risk.

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