• Denis, this the most compelling, concise, non-biased, fact-based, and thorough fundamental macro earnings analysis I have ever read. It is so refreshing to continue to read your commentary, which is based solely upon a logical approach to data analysis. (In other words, you slayed it!)
  • Denis: Your “Beware: Camel Crossing” work today stands above anything anywhere that I’ve encountered in putting it all together, and at a time I personally find extremely challenging to fathom how it plays out. Massive debt that can’t be serviced by the world’s cash flows has been the ‘elephant in the room’ for over a decade now, and it seemed as though the central banking community managed to build a remarkably solid wooden floor over all that relatively unproductive debt, such that the economies could build again on that floor. But while Mother Nature can be quiet for a long while, it feels like She may be saying ‘enough’ now. Cheers and thanks very much, John.
  • I’m a big fan. I teach an applied investments course and yours is one of the few blogs I encourage my students to regularly follow. I appreciate the objectivity reflected in your analysis.
  • Denis, your content and insightful analysis went to new, all-time highs this week. (I hope you don’t take this as a contrary indicator like most sentiment readings:)
  • Denis: I’m absolutely grateful for the considerable work you put into today’s (May 22) effort on where we are re: equity valuations and market risk. You manage to bring several valid diverse approaches to the party, each in historical context, and paint the picture with perspective rather than with isolated opinions/hunches.
  • I know of no one at any price who does it nearly as well. And I’ve been around the markets for a few decades.
  • When I retired fourteen years ago thanks to Excel spreadsheets and the internet I decided to try managing retirement funds myself until age 75. Then came News to Use which has, well, supplied the next service/tool I needed — help with filtering out noise while focusing on perspective. In short, you’re keeping me going. Cheers, John.
  • I really appreciate the effort you put into the blog. I’ve added you to the small handful of blog authors to whom I will continue supporting in the future. These day, blogs such as yours do a much better job of presenting news and thoughtful analysis than do most global news operations. Robert K.
  • I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you do on your blog, bearnobull.com. I’ve been a loyal reader daily for about 4 years and I believe that your commentary and research has made me a much better investment professional. (…)Your website has helped me stay cool, calm and collected. I’ve gained perspective. I’ve found your rule of 20 to be fascinating, and have regularly debated it’s merit with colleagues who prefer the Shiller P/E. (…) I just want to thank you for putting in all this hard work and making it available to those people like myself who would have never been a beneficiary of your wisdom if there was a $500 annual subscription fee. (…)So one last time, thank you so much, you have made a significant impact on my life and I am very appreciative. James Y.
  • (…) I like that you are not always bullish, not always bearish but tell the data how the data is – from both bull/bear perspectives. Gary W.
  • Denis: Your market — where-we’re-at — analysis this morning went right to the core of what I’ve been wrestling with, and troubled about, for months. And it is an exceptional overview: incorporating data trends with and the arguments of both bullish and bearish camps. It also gives me real insight into how a professional mind in this business puts a seemingly disjointed agglomeration of data and ‘believing’ systems together into an actionable picture.
    In short, your considerable effort today has helped me VERY much. John D.
  • (…) thank you for continuing to build this great blog, it’s my #1 source for economic and market insights. James Y.
  • Denis: In investment services there are huge anomalies. In managing our retirement funds as well a few small accounts for family members your blog has become a must read first thing in the morning for several years now.
    I’ve wondered how long you would continue to do this in your ‘retirement’. But now with your new, and cleanly designed website Bearnobull you’ve obviously invested for the future.
    Bottom line: I have a budget for information and advisory services. But in proven value for me your ‘free’ service has now overtaken one at $1000/year. Either I continue to freeload, or I contribute.
    Please let me know how to do that latter. Cheers, John D.
  • Denis, Thank you for all your work! Your information is usually my first read in the morning. Your information is concise and very informative as I check the markets. Ron J.
  • Thanks for doing this — I enjoy your blog immensely. Brandon T.
  • Denis, Thank you for putting together such great information. It is much appreciated. Ron J.
  • Denis, News-to-use’s comprehensive, empirical economic and stock market analysis has the advantage of a one stop shop for busy people. I particularly like the Rule of 20 which looks like a good market timer,a rarity. I think you could appeal a bit more directly to readers for voluntary contributions to cover research costs since you are providing a free public service as opposed to a profit making business service. I’ve heard quite a number of websites rely on voluntary contributions. Patrick S.
  • Hi Denis, Hope my contribution helps. You’re my first “go to source” every morning. Don M.
  • Dear Sir, I appreciate your factual economics site, which shows your experience and good insights. Your reference from the Mauldin newsletter is one of his more meaningful comments for me. Best regards. J.B. CFA
  • The best summary of economic news that I have seen. Thanks for all your hard work publishing the information! Ron.H. G.
  • Hi thank you for telling the world the truth about the worlds economic situation. Maurice from new zealand
  • Brilliant article, I started subscribing to News to Use last week after I saw an article of yours on John Mauldin’s weekly. I really enjoy your views as they seem to be different from many in the financial industry. Mandi
  • Heard of your blog from John’s article. I have been reading it for the last two days. You do great work. Thanks for putting all that information together. You have become a regular read.
  • Hi Denis – excellent site and articles. I clicked here from John Mauldin. I love the fact you use data and not bs. Dean K.
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  • Denis, Where are you? Lots of “stuff” going on out there last week and this coming week. I cannot wait to read your interpretations.
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  • Denis, after reading your post on Seeking Alpha regarding S&P valuation, and then perusing your site, I am an official fan of your work. Steve C.
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