Top Five Best Economical Phones That You Must Consider

Technology has made our lives easier. There are many smart devices in the market and people can use them for many purposes. Smartphones allow users to watch their favorite movies, play games and call their relatives living far away from them. However,

5 Basic Areas of Coverage in Home Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy is great savings for everyone. A home is one of the biggest and most valuable investments that you will make in your life. In your abode, you not only create lasting memories with your loved ones but also feel happy,


From Terry who picked this up in the London Times: Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth

Risks, Hedges & Opportunities: ZIRP for the Greater Good

Several reputable critics of conventional monetary theory are manifesting suspicion about the supposed beneficial economic effect of the Fed’s ZERO-INTEREST-RATE POLICY (ZIRP) that was introduced in December 2008 and recently extended to late-2014 with a return to normalcy in 2018. A now

Risks, Hedges & Opportunities: The Tax Debate

In theory, interest rates, economic growth and capital taxes are three interconnected variables that are essential for a capital pricing model. Given that corporations tend to use stocks and bonds as currency to buy into new ventures, make acquisitions and expand their


This week, another summit in Europe…This one has more than a financial plot. I sense a huge political game might be played as the poor Latin Europeans try to unite against the powerful Teutons. Hollande’s arrival at the poker table might prove

The Equity Drumbeaters Are Out

The Equity Drumbeaters Are Out, Now that equity prices have more than doubled and that it has become fashionable to be bullish, the gurus are out with their often convoluted theories and the media are all too happy to act as megaphones.


What was conceived as our first extended vacation trip in Germany, by a twist of events, became a discovery of how the American and German people seem destined to meet in history, and in so many diverse ways. Heidelberg was our first

A list of Commercial Signs

Signages have existed for centuries. They have evolved over years to reach today’s stage. The signages began during the greek and roman era. At that time the use of texts was negligible. Instead big images were used to convey information. The material