5 Things Students Want in All Modern Apps

Modern Apps

Only a few decades ago, web applications and smartphones were the hot news. Today, they’re mainstream! The online world is now filled with different tools, platforms, and applications for every age and profession. So, when there are so many options available, users’ demands for customization and personalization increase.

What was extraordinary a few decades ago is not enough anymore. Students and youth are looking for something better, modern, more valuable in today’s web tools. This is precisely what led me to subscribe to Contour TV as I was simply not satisfied with my cable TV provider. I wanted something more and fortunately, Cox knows how to make their customers happy.

5 Things Students Want to See in the Modern Apps

The list of demands from students is pretty vast and diverse. The young generation has plenty of creative ideas about what they’d like to see in modern apps. But they all come down to the following five of the most important characteristics

1. Usability 

As technology advances, students want it to become more accessible, more manageable, and less intimidating. Increased usability would mean more straightforward navigation, a user-friendly interface, and a convenient design. Users should not have to spend hours making a presentation on an application that was supposed to help them. If it makes the process more challenging, it only defies its purpose. 

Increased usability would also mean that these applications would become accessible to those who are underage. It would increase the user audience, and more students could use it and benefit from it. The design should be clean without too many distractions. Plus, if there are buttons then they should be easy to spot, and of course, call-to-action should be simple to understand. 

2. Transparency 

Transparency gains the trust of the user, and students nowadays are more particular about what they use. They want to know everything about the product, application, or tool they use, from where it was made to what it charges. From the company’s makers to its principles and how and where it operates, the application developers and manufacturing companies should be transparent to their users. 

Another part of being transparent involves the charges, taxes, and fees. Students demand that there should be no hidden charges for the application. When they download the app, they should know everything there is to know about it before they choose to download it and give it access to files and information in their gadget. It is incredibly frustrating for students to find out that the app requires extra payment to use essential features.

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3. Value

A student’s smartphone, laptop, and tablet are already filled with plenty of media files, documents, and other materials. The last thing they want is more space being occupied by useless applications and software. Applications must offer some value to the students for it to be worth their storage space. It must offer more than one essential purpose and should be helpful for the user. In short, it should meet an important demand or help students with an essential task in their daily lives. 

For example, an application with a timer is not enough now. Even smartphones have built-in timers and stopwatches in them. If the app wants to offer value to students, it must have additional features alongside the timer that the phone doesn’t already have. It could allow the users to put a restrictive timer on social media usage or provide other beneficial features. 

4. Affordability 

Students want app development companies to understand that their budgets are already relatively low, and buying expensive applications is not an option for most of them. If companies cannot lower the prices for everyone, students expect them to offer student discounts, coupons, deals, and special perks. No matter how long they are, free trials are not enough because they do not last a semester or a term.

Most students who cannot afford to buy the paid version of the application have to find ways around it. This way, they are never loyal to one application which is a downside for the company as well. Students today look for compensation and leniency at prices, especially if the app is a necessity and not a luxury. A modern application that is cheap yet fulfills their demands is the dream of every student today. 

5. Modernism

Last but not least is that the application should be modern and have the latest technology and features in it. The tech world is progressing, and if they want to use cheaper applications, they should not be old and unusable. Students want the latest web applications to be as modern as possible but within their financial reach and ease of use. From the interface to the characteristics of the application, everything should showcase modernism.


Students want nothing more than ease and comfort. As technology and web applications become more mainstream and accessible, the younger generation wants more value. They want web tools and software to make their lives and jobs easier without being too heavy on their pockets. And if developers and programmers pay attention to the students’ wishes, the quality of web tools could significantly increase. 

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